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Daikon Freemarker



Daikon Freemarker adds two methods to the Response:

  • render(name, model, folder): to render a Freemarker template
    • name is the name of the template file to render, excluding the extension .ftl
    • model is a map to inject objects inside the template. The default is an empty map
    • folder is the directory of your templates. The default is src/main/resources/templates
  • html(name, model, folder): same as render, but it also sets the content type to text/html;charset=utf-8

How to use

import topinambur.http

fun `render HTML`() {
        .get("/") { _, res -> res.html("hello_to", hashMapOf("name" to "Bob")) }
        .start().use {
            val response = "http://localhost:4545/".http.get()
            assertThat(response.body).isEqualTo("hello Bob")

Put your template file hello_to.ftl under the default directory src/main/resources/templates.

Content of the hello_to.ftl template:

hello ${name}

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